Dine Like A DiplomatThe world is experiencing a rapidly expanding global economy. Good manners are considered important qualifications for all executives. Don’t let your table manners get in the way of impressing a potential employer. This class will review: world-class entertaining, seating guidelines, place setting maps,styles of eating and dining skills. The session often ends with an exciting and interactive dining tutorial.

Corporate Protocol
Corporate protocol reviews the finer details of working in a professional environment. This workshop covers office protocol topics that are not usually discussed by Human Resources Managers, but can be critical to your advancement!    Topics include: Importance of client privacy Proper meeting etiquette Office protocol and behavior Business card etiquette Handling office parties and functions Netiquette Improving networking skills Business introductions

Dress to Impress It takes less than 10 seconds to form a first impression. This means that you are judged before even speaking a word. Dress to Impress helps students understand the importance of professional business attire.  We define and clarify professional business attire, business casual attire and casual attire.  Appropriate accessories, grooming and tips are reviewed.  Students may be presented with real life examples of appropriate and inappropriate office attire.  A professional attire checklist is provided. 
  • Business EtiquetteThis business etiquette class should be mandatory for all interviewing students and recently hired college graduates.  Etiquette is presenting yourself with the kind of polish and confidence that shows you can be taken seriously.  This workshop teaches the critical interpersonal and social skills to ensure you are taken seriously.  Topics include: * First impressions 
    * The art of the handshake
    * Business introductions
    * The importance of eye contact
    * Posture and presence

Transitioning from an academic environment into a traditional work environment can be challenging for even the brightest of students. Securing an interview for the job of a lifetime is only step one, convincing the hiring manager that you are the best candidate requires a strong first impression and business etiquette savvy.

The following workshops have been designed for both graudate and undergraduate students.

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 Refined Protocol