Refined Protocol

Dine Like A Diplomat
The world is experiencing a rapidly expanding global economy. Good manners are considered important qualifications for all executives. Your table manners are very important in your own country and in the countries you visit to promote business. This class will review: world-class entertaining, seating guidelines, styles of eating, dining skills, host duties and toasting. The session ends with an exciting and interactive dining tutorial.

Dress to Impress

It takes a client less than 10 seconds to form an impression. This mean that some clients make a decision about you before you even speak. Dress to Impress helps employees determine the appropriate attire for various business situations.  We review corporate attire, business casual attire, accessories, grooming and what your attire says about you. A professional attire checklist is included.   
Outclass the Competition – Business Etiquette
In today’s fiercely competitive business arenas, etiquette and protocol intelligence will distinguish you from the crowd. This unique intelligence will give you an edge that will make the difference between you and your competition. Outclass the Competition covers topics such as; the art of the handshake, the importance of eye contact, improving your mingling proficiency, how to make an entrance, social and business introductions, business card protocol and electronic communications.

Business Etiquette training


As a corporate protocol consultant, Ms. Havens provides workshops and seminars to assist executives in achieving the highest level of professionalism. 

       ·  Did you know that 40% of business in America takes place over a meal?
       ·  Are your employees positively representing your corporate brand?
       ·  Did you know that a first impression is formed in less than 10 seconds?